Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

Fundamentals of Combat Handgun Course – “Do not pass up an opportunity to take a course with this company! I got in on one of their Fundamentals of Combat Handgun classes and walked away at the end of the day with improved (also corrected) and new skills and the knowledge of why and how those would be used in defensive/combat situations. The training is serious and demanding, but the instructors teaching style and humor make it a very enjoyable class. One course down and I’m planning to take more.  A big thank you to Dan, Jeff, Glen and Tim. You guys are frickin’ awesome!”

Practical Self Defense One Course – “My 2nd course with this company!  My take…a fundamentally uncomplicated personal defense system that does not require knowledge or practice of ridiculously difficult martial arts moves or super human strength. That being said, this is not a course to take lightly or a course you should come into thinking you will only be “going through the motions.” There are no “comfort zones” here. Being attacked is not comfortable. Defending yourself is not comfortable. Pain is not comfortable. You learn it and also learn to use the attacker’s comfort zone to your advantage.

The instructors teach techniques to fend off attacks that you know are coming (the guy jumping around in a boxing stance), the attacks you didn’t see coming (practice being more aware next time so you don’t find yourself in a choke hold), and attacks with weapons (crapping your pants may or may not help). If you’re lucky and PSD is offering the class with the SERE introduction (I was lucky), you might be kidnapped, interrogated, kicked around, given insight to perpetrator thoughts and behaviors, and taught how to escape commonly used restraints.

Dan and Glen instructed the class I participated in and I cannot thank them (and all of the PSD guys) enough for devising and teaching this system. Those two are both insanely intimidating when they are in teaching mode and are able to really level up the intensity of the threatening situation they are presenting. The class is formatted and taught in progression form, so you are not left scratching your head wondering why you’re doing something. Step by step learning to NOT have your arse handed to you. AND HAVING A BLAST DOING IT…well, I had a blast…that’s not weird, right? Muh hahahahaha! I Highly recommending this class. Your life may depend on it someday.”

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