Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

The Program

We are not in the business of bullshitting anyone. Our reputation to deliver what we say is undisputed. Over 90% of our clients are directly referred to us and a common statement to hear when we are referred is, “These guys are fucking no joke!”

We will not waste your time or our own, you either can embrace the fact that you are a target and the world is transitioning into something that requires being a hard target to survive or you can’t. If you are accepted into this program, keep in mind this no gentleman’s course and it requires a personal commitment to complete. To achieve the kind of results we are known for in these compressed timeframes is no easy task. Remember this, that over 95% of all violent crime is precipitated by hostile surveillance. The hardwired capability to avoid, identify and or deal with these threats will change who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Consumable training creates retainable capabilities which in turn results in a huge increase in survivability in all threat environments!

Welcome to your Game! Prepare to undergo a mental transformation and confidence explosion that only the elite of the elite can experience. If you are looking for top level weapons training, driving training and tactics then you have come to the right place.We will transform you into a walking weapon system. If you are looking to change your entire mindset, way of thinking and your life, this is where you belong.
  • The most dramatic survivability and weaponization training available in the world, period. Transforming the average man to one of the most dangerous in any room or situation in just days, whether it’s the boardroom or battlefield.
  • Never before offered in the civilian sector and specifically tuned for risks and threats of high-net-worth individuals.
  • Top tier training builds confidence… confidence generates intensity…focused intensity wins gunfights and fist fights.
  • Limbic reprogramming to deliver immediate disabling and deadly force with bare hands in any situation or loadout.
  • Who among us does not intuitively apply the gas and the break without thinking? Imagine if you could identify potential physical and digital surveillance, dangerous situations, understand routes and points of predictability as effortlessly and be 100% capable to deal with them all.
  • Combat pistol and carbine, tactical driving, tactical medicine, SERE, escape from captivity, AOC’s (Actions on Contact) live fire shoot and maneuver exercises etc. We have it all and at the top level. However, there is something else at Predator that you will leave with that cannot be described….it must be experienced.
  • Simply put, we provide “access” to a weaponization program only available to the most elite level of the military and intelligence agencies.

Upcoming Classes

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NOTE: Tactical Solutions Group is a US based corporation founded by prior service Special Programs, combat veterans and tactical law enforcement personnel. This training is intended for lawful defense purposes of its students only. Any anti-American or anti-US Constitutional Government affiliation is strictly prohibited and TSG Corporation reserves the right to restrict and or terminate training to such individuals and groups. TSG strives to provide the absolute best tactical training on the market today. Our goal is to ready students for high threat Executive Protection/Bodyguard and PSD Operations employment and give them the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. It will give active and prospective high threat security operations personnel top tier capabilities to provide protective operations in any environment.1

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