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Advanced PSD Operations Specialist (Kalispell, Montana)
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Course Date: October 10, 2022

Call for Price: 1-844-486-7843

Advanced PSD Operations Specialist (Kalispell, Montana)

We have developed the most realistic scenario-based tactical training curriculum available for Private Security Detail (PSD) OCONUS high threat security operations personnel. From our combat pistol/carbine to break contact, actions on principal as well as our proprietary unarmed combat and everything in between, we teach our students to train as you fight. Our most advanced high threat security operations pipeline, this intense 14-Day,140-hour training program is designed to ready students to react and be comfortable in any high threat protection role they find themselves in and the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. Designed to place students well above the Department of State requirements for the WPS Worldwide Protective Service standard.

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Our most advanced high threat operations pipeline this intense 14-Day 140 hour training program is designed to ready the students to react and be comfortable in any high threat protection role they find themselves in and the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. The reason that we make such effective and dangerous security operations personnel lies in our ability to rewire the students limbic brain function with our proprietary training giving them an enhanced ability to learn and react instinctively and immediately in high threat situations. TSG and its instructors pride themselves on the fact they have not lost a single student to a hostile environment that has undergone our training.

This high OpTempo adrenaline pumping Northwest Montana based operator training course is specifically designed to get PSD Operations personnel to top tier operational capability in a very short period of time. Specifically designed to be congruent with current DOS training guidelines for Diplomatic Security Operations and not Bodyguard/Executive Protection, which is often confused as the same thing more and more. Additionally, to prepare students bound for the WPS training pipeline well above the skills necessary to be top performers. One of the main reasons we are able to do this consistently is our extremely low student to instructor ratio. It is not that uncommon to have a student to instructor ratio as low as 2 to 1. Various Special Operations training cadre have come to realize that no matter how good the student or the training the instructor to student ratio must still remain low to ensure quality of training. Another reason lies in the simplicity of the training and our gross over fine motor skills approach. We want to make certain that students are operating at top level as they leave not only into harm’s way, but with our reputation on their back. It was never our goal to be the cheapest training company, but it is our passion to be the best.

We do not seek to bullshit anyone; we have a very long list of high threat environment personnel that were prior students which have undergone our training systems. They have emerged as the most dangerous person in almost any room or situation. Our ability to be a massive force multiplier, in these ultra-compressed time frames sets Tactical Solutions Group in a category all of our own. So, for a powerful end result, do not hesitate to reach out today and get on our list!

  • Physical Readiness Test
  •  Formations and positions
    • Formations and positions PPT
    • Individual positions and responsibilities PSD formations practical applications
  • Arrivals and Departures
    • Arrivals and Departures PPT
    • Arrivals and Departures Practical Applications
  • (SERE) Survive Evade Resist Escape
  • Survival mindset
  • Cover story development
  • Working as a team
  • Situational awareness
  • Escape from Captivity
    • Duct tape
    • Zip ties
    • Ropes
    • Handcuffs
    • Friction saw
    • Fighting while restrained
    • picking locks
    • bypassing padlocks
    • emergency vehicle procurement
    • surviving beheading attempts
    • surviving assassination attempts
  • (PTUCS) Predator Tactical Unarmed Combat System Special Operator
  • OODA Loop Explained and Put into Context
  • TCCC) Tactical Combat Casualty Care
    • Scenario based TCCC drills throughout full course
    • BAC’s
    • Applying tourniquet
    • Self-aid
    • Proper application
    • Improvised tourniquet techniques
    • Applying tourniquet under stress scenarios
    • Pneumothorax
  • (IED) familiarization
    • Components of an IED
    • Identification of IED
    • Enemy tactics of IED
    • Enemy tactics in concealment of IED
  • Radio operations
  • Counter Sniper PPT
    • Counter sniper Practical Application
  • Route planning
    • PPT and scenario based practical application
  • PTUCS attacks from front
    • Tactical compliant close-in weapon and tactics system
    • Shorts and shirt to full tactical loadout
    • Why gross over fine motor skills
    • Learn how to deal with any form of attack effectively and brutally in a few days
    • Developing lowest level of training
  • Tactical Pistol
    • Stance
    • Grip
    • Sight alignment
    • Sight picture
    • Trigger control
    • Recoil management
    • Follow through
    • Breathing
    • Emergency/initiated
    • Immediate
    • Remedial
    • Gear setup
    • Wardrobe malfunctions
    • 8 fundamentals of shooting
    • Gross motor vs fine motor and why
    • Chamber checks
    • 360 degree battlefield
    • Magazine changes
    • Weapon to PTUCS transitions
    • Malfunctions
    • Ball and dummy drills
    • Rhythm drills
    • (BSA) Balance of speed and accuracy drills
    • Combat accuracy
    • Stress inoculation drills
    • Snap drills
    • Now drills
    • Failure to stop
    • The 1.5 second rule
    • Shooting with movement
  • PTUCS attacks from rear in full kit
  • Tactical Carbine
    • 8 fundamentals
    • Magazine changes
    • Malfunctions
    • Bolt override drill
    • 50 meter and why
    • Snap drills
    • Now drills
    • Facing movements
    • Lateral movement
    • transitions
  • Shooting from Cover
    • Standoff distance
    • Learning to pie
    • Sight over bore
    • Over penetration
  • Break contact
    • Sectors of fire
    • Mag changes on the move
    • Transitions
  • Windshield Ballistics
    • Round placement
    • Deflection
    • Shooting from a vehicle discussion
    • Gear setup in a vehicle
    • Discussion on vehicle roll over procedures
  • Vehicle Ballistics
    • Safe not safe locations
    • Bullet magnets
    • Dangers of deflected rounds
  • Advanced marksmanship and transitions drills
  • Live fire formations and (AOP) actions on principal
  • Body armor and client protection
  • PTUCS PSD operator techniques
    • Moving through crowds and non-lethal removal of threats while maintaining protection and control of principal
  • PTUCS dealing with edged weapons full kit
    • Application of lethal force
    • Targeting the threat not the weapon
    • Developing PTUCS muscle memory to react with brutal effective force against any threat
  • Stress Test
    • Gross over fine motor skills put to the test
    • Simulating real world battlefield stressors
  • PTUCS weapon disarmament
    • Targeting the real threat not the weapon
    • Full kit
  • DOS conforming pistol and carbine range qualification
  • Foreign weapons familiarization
  • Weapon to PTUCS transitions
    • Falling back to your lowest level of training
  • CQB
    • Corner feed rooms
    • Center feed
  • PTUCS defending from grabs and chokes full kit
  • Students act as actual PSD team while onsite
    • Full tactical load out to and from housing
    • Route planning
    • Surveillance detection
    • Convoy operations
    • Arrivals and departures
    • TCCC under fire
  • Convoy operations practical drills
  • Surveillance
    • Single person surveillance
    • Foot surveillance
    • Vehicle surveillance
    • Technical surveillance
    • Surveillance detection
    • Counter surveillance
    • Routes of predictability
  • PTUCS Approaches and sentry removal
    • Approach from side
    • Approach from front
    • Full kit
    • Approach from rear
    • Deadly force
    • ROE/SOP
  • Tactical Driving
    • Hard surface
    • Proper vehicle setup and driver position
    • High speed maneuvers
    • Apexing turns
    • Reverse 180
    • Y in and out drills
    • Vehicle searches
    • Vehicle set up for High Threat zones
    • Down driver drills
    • TCCC scenarios in vehicle
    • Driving restrained
    • High stress decision drills
    • Tactical tire change drills
    • Using vehicle as a weapon
    • Vehicle drift training
    • Up armored vehicles and tactical driving discussion
    • Pitting
    • Ramming
    • Vehicle preservation
    • Timed cone course
    • stress test while driving
  • PTUCS review and practical testing in full kit with weapons
  • Facility housing and food included
  •  (FX) Final Exercise
    • Full PSD mission profile
    • Practical application operations in all training subjects
    • Convoy operations
    • Route planning
    • Scenario based protective operations in urban setting

  • Khaki Tactical Pants (2 each)
  • Black Polo Shirts (2 each)
  • Riggers belt
  • Clothing appropriate to the climate and conditions
  • Rain Gear
  • Boots (2 pair)
  • Backpack or equipment bag
  • Ear and eye protection
  • A water bottle or other hydration system
  • Gloves

Event Details

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Start date: October 10, 2022

End date: October 21, 2022

Start time: 09:00 EDT

End time: 18:00 EDT

Venue: Kalispell, Montana

Phone: 844-486-7843

Email: info@tacticalsolutionsgroup.com

Course Price

Call for Price: 1-844-486-7843

Course Date

October 10, 2022

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NOTE: Tactical Solutions Group is a US based corporation founded by prior service Special Programs, combat veterans and tactical law enforcement personnel. This training is intended for lawful defense purposes of its students only. Any anti-American or anti-US Constitutional Government affiliation is strictly prohibited and TSG Corporation reserves the right to restrict and or terminate training to such individuals and groups. TSG strives to provide the absolute best tactical training on the market today. Our goal is to ready students for high threat Executive Protection/Bodyguard and PSD Operations employment and give them the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. It will give active and prospective high threat security operations personnel top tier capabilities to provide protective operations in any environment.

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Advanced PSD Operations Specialist (Kalispell, Montana)
Advanced PSD Operations Specialist (Kalispell, Montana)
Call for Price: 1-844-486-7843
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