Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

“When we look for guidance in our career and lives, we seek professionals. While it is easy to skim on things like groceries, choosing to go cheaper but still healthy, the same can not be said for Tactical training. Often you see or hear of companies offering “tactical,” “spec ops,” or “operator” tactical training. With so many it is hard to determine the real from the Hollywood. The choice should always come down to professionalism. The argument can be made that training, technique etc. is what is important. You are correct. All of those are what a professional encompasses. This is what you will find at Predator Security and Defense.

Let me clarify. I’m not kissing ass here. We all expect respect and honesty when interacting with fellow veterans. This is my honest opinion of this Company and their personnel

My name is Richard Merfert. I spent 4 years in the Army as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Battalion. I spent 3 years as an Infantryman in Regiment, deploying to Afghanistan twice. I received an injury to my back and was medically retired. Going from the fast pace of a special operations unit to civilian life was stressful.  It generally Isn’t the case that veterans don’t have skills when they transition. Our skills just don’t translate to the typical civilian world. This realization is what led to look for a stimulating career, physically and intellectually. My research kept landing me on Predator Security. That’s not to say other companies didn’t look viable, but on the first phone call with the company president Dan Anderson, I was ready to give them a try. Getting there was easy. We all know how to travel by now. The lodging was, as promised, impeccable. Beautiful mountain view, spacious rooms and comfortable beds all inside very large cabins.

The training was entirely focused on one objective. Your ability to perform under stress, while making critical decisions. While this may seem unachievable in the short amount of time, you will spend the hours you aren’t sleeping, training. Round after round, target after target. The Instructor to student ratio allows for in depth training that focuses on you as an individual and not the class as a whole. Ranger Regiment “downtime” as an Infantryman is typically hours and hours of shooting, thousands and thousands of rounds. In a week. I fired more rounds at Predator in a day than in Regiment for a week. Here is the kicker. They make every round count.  Every single discharged round is done with a purpose. Whether carbine or pistol, you will not waste a single round without gaining value. We all want to believe we are the best trigger pullers. This course will knock the rust off and get you back to pace in 6 days. Let alone what can be done in two weeks.

While Predator taught me unique shooting techniques, they offered something entirely unique to them as well. Predator teaches a combative system unlike any I had encountered in the military. PTUCs provides and exceptional level of lethality in a limited amount of time. Along with its ability to disarm or disable an aggressor in a non-lethal environment, it offers a level of speed and aggression most other fighting styles do not. Kit, no kit, knife etc. PTUCs covers it. No technique is 100% successful. We live in a world of ridiculous circumstance and chance. I truly believe PTUCs helps to put the odds in your favor.

The cadre are all prior military/Leo with extensive experience. Meet them if you aren’t sure. They do not act arrogant or standoffish. They genuinely care about your success and are honest about your performance.  If you are suffering, they will help until you get it right, no matter how long it might take. The cadre were on time and disciplined in their respective subjects. Experienced experts teaching real-world applicable material. That is what this course offers and having attended the June 2018 course, I can say that that is what I walked away with. This company wants to make men more lethal and more tactically sound. This company is run by and employed with professionals.”

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