Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

“Five years ago, I went through several classes with PSD and can assure you that the training they offer is top tier training. I am an active-duty Navy SEAL and can say that the fundamentals of shooting, tactics, and mind set not only mirrors what NSW has to offer but goes above it. This schoolhouse will give you core skills in a matter of weeks that takes other places months to train the average man. Having known the cadre for years I can say that PTUCS hand to hand is revolutionary and the fundamentals you will learn in matter of a week. I have done PTUCS half my life and can assure you that it is the best. Whether you are just wanting to learn some self-defense to protect your family, trying to find something to get you ready for the military or want to find employment in this kind of work, I can assure you that PSD is the number one place to look. Bottom line, the combatives is the best and is game changing, the tactics and shooting emulates top tier commands, and they train many of these skills in blazing¬†timeframes that are hard to believe.”

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