Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

“I’d like to start with the truth. I saw this company posted in an advertisement and was initially only interested in the equipment provided through the GI bill. After the first couple hours of attending the course, my mind was far away from thinking about it (you’ll see why) and it stayed like that for the rest of the time. The experience was far greater than I ever imagined.

Words are only capable of going so far. The training at Predator Security and Defense speaks for itself. It is incredible how much training and knowledge can be grown into an individual under a 6 day period. As overwhelming as the content in the warning order seems, it’s very appropriate and is delivered as promised. The instructors are extremely professional, humble, trustful, reputable and down to earth. A lot of respect for them, as well they have towards the students. With appropriate amounts of safety measures and responsibilities, you are treated not only as a grown man, but as a trusted person.

This course also isn’t dedicated to hostile environments, but also is versatile for everyday life. To be prepared for a possible attack, to notice when you’re being surveillance, and overall prevent tragedies and what actions to take for not only yourself, but for your loved ones.

One great thing about the curriculum is the foundation that is set. All information and every fundamental to everything taught is versatile and interchangeable to every aspect. To grasp a perspective, one thing in PTUCs is relatable and easily transitions to gun fighting. Also yes, every thing promised is delivered. ACOG w/ RMR, plate carrier, plates, IFAK, battle belt.

Something I find so special about this course is the amount of detail that is explained. What one would think of about simple body of tactics and strategies is dissected into a plethora of organ systems and specific cells. Not in the context of being over complicated, but to perfect what is mendable. Attention to detail turns the most basic movement or thought into a perfectly orchestrated execution of actions. This is the course that will give you the tools of knowledge to make you better than your adversaries; but it is ultimately up to you to hone the skills provided.

My best advice to future students is to keep your mouth shut, eyes observant and listen very closely and carefully to everything that is presented. It all happens for a reason, trust your instincts if you’re competent; but if you’re not just follow the next professional guy that seems to know what he’s doing. Maybe you’ll pick it up sooner or later.” 

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