Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

“You haven’t seen this system before, I can almost guarantee. It uses movements that will make you rethink previously learned combat techniques. I can attest to the effectiveness of the Predator methods because I have used them in defensive situations in the months after I had the privilege of training with this team. The mindset taught is just as important and unique as the tactics, and the professional ethic they promote is impossible to miss.

Not just another tool in your bag, this is a whole new arsenal of lethal ideas which can be applied against threats in these increasingly dangerous times. I can be honest here and say I was far less certain about my abilities in unarmed scenarios before the training. Recently I had to put someone down who was pursuing me in a public place with intent to harm. The untrained companions I was with were surprised and grateful that I could strike so effectively, and with more power than I appear to possess.

We all continue to improve as warriors and in many other roles. Check out the Predator team for a great end result. If they accept you as a student you will become a better person, a better fighter, and in the process you will gain incredible friends that really understand the ethos.” 

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