Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

“Working for a major firearms manufacturer I get the opportunity to attend or be involved with all kinds of different shooting events and training. Being prior service has allowed insight into what is real world training and what isn’t. I can tell you that the 5 training cycles I have done with PSD have been the best training that I have ever done. The quality of training you receive with PSD has to be experienced to be believed. If you are serious about improving your skill set, are humble enough to accept the fact you aren’t “knocking the rust off” and if you really want to win the fight look no further than Predator Security and Defense. Dan, Glen and Brandon are absolute professionals. PSD has more game than Milton Bradley and they ain’t no Kitchen Staff, Hoss! The only thing you will regret after taking a class from PSD is why you waited so long. Don’t delay, weaponize today.”

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