Weaponize the mind and the body will follow

“The staff
• Were professional, courteous, encouraging and positive at all times.
• Provided quality instruction that was clear and concise. They never lost their temper when expectations were not being meet but calmly repeated what was expected with additional feedback until it was.
• Were always providing encouraging and supportive feedback with either a neutral or positive tone of voice.
• Provided end of course feedback of my performance that was honest, on point and very helpful.
• I was very impressed with Jayden, for a young man of his age he was well behaved, supportive, helpful, disciplined, and respectful and took discipline with a positive attitude. I never saw him show a bad attitude or talk back.
• Wants you to succeed and will get you through it. Listen for the “Grey Voice” you will know when you hear it.
• Was funny and personable.
• Took time to answer questions, encouraged questions and made themselves available.
• Handled a majority of the paperwork and provided information on a need to know bases.

The instruction and training
• Was what was expected and more.
• As advertised on the website and relevant.
• Theory was delivered via Microsoft Power Point and was covered in one day (thank goodness).
• Practical application daily, all day and followed the theory.
• Delivered in such a way that it has sunk in, even this hard head.
• No shortcuts or exceptions were taken or given.
• We did not progress till everyone meet the standard
• The staff had many different ways to explain the same thing.
• Was challenging and demanding but not impossible.
• I plan on returning to continue the training.
• Pay close attention as there are always little tips, tricks and tidbits of information. This is where a lot of the valuable information is.

The Gear
• The gear provided for training functioned as expected and without issue.
• Was clean when I received it and when turned in.
• I had everything I needed to confidently complete the course.
• The gear promised for the GI Bill participants was received as promised.
• The packing list was complete and had everything needed.

The accommodations and food
• Were excellent and clean.
• Bunkhouse style with several rooms, bathrooms, laundry and full kitchen.
• Lunch was provided as advertised. If you have a specific diet I encourage you to purchase food of your own.

Graduation and course completion
• Was a big deal.
• The staff took great pride and care in this.
• Was very personal and a great time.
• Reni the wife of the President baked a cake that was just fucking great.
• Was a lot more than expected and meant something.

The team (Class 013 the fastest gelling team) I served with
• Were encouraging, supportive and helpful.
• We gelled quickly.
• Were positive and kind. Really a great group of men.

On a personal note
This was a life changing course for me and touched me deeply. Since the death of my parents I had been slowly dying myself and came into this course carrying some personal baggage. I had stopped challenging myself and was just living a meager existence. I had forgotten what I am truly capable of and how strong I really am. I really needed this and have been reinvigorated. I am very excited about life and my future. I made new friends and experienced the commodore and teamwork I had been missing from the military. Montana is very beautiful state. I encourage you to take some additional time after the training to visit Glacier National Park and spend a few days hiking, reflecting and spending time with your higher power. Not just anyone can take this course so if you have been selected consider yourself blessed and take full advantage of it. Thank you Dan, Brandon, Glen and Jaydan it was a real pleasure.” 

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