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Predator Guardian - Three-Day High Threat Operations

This three-day operator level training block will put anyone across the entire tactical spectrum to the test. Built off of our core PSS/ High Threat Security Operations programs we are known for, this three-day training block gives students a solid grasp of the top tier fundamentals of the primary/secondary weapon systems. This matrix will touch on SERE (Survive Evade Resist Escape), Combat Pistol/Carbine, our proprietary Predator Tactical Unarmed Combatives Systems (PTUCS). We absolutely occupy the top floor in our ability as a massive force multiplier in high threat environments. There are few places, if any, that can replicate our results, but not in these compressed timeframes and not in the civilian sector. Our training methodology can seem extreme and even brutal in some circles, but the results at the end of the process are undisputed. Space is limited to maintain our industry leading low student to instructor ratio.


Predator Guardian is the next installment from Defender. It can be taken stand alone, or if you are a Defender graduate, you can return for the third day when time and opportunity present itself.

Although three days in length, this training pipeline will blow your mind on how far TSG can take you. You will be tested. Not all will succeed. The most elite units in the world are delineated by their attrition rates. To get the kind of results we are known for, we employ a very different training methodology. Tuned for affordability, these short training blocks deliver a level of weaponization on exit that our reputation is built on.

Day One: SERE (Survive Evade Resist Escape), escaping captivity and restraints, surveillance detection and our proprietary Predator Tactical Unarmed Combatives Systems (PTUCS).


Day Two: Fundamentals of top tier combat pistol.


Day Three: Transitioning all the fundamentals of combat pistol to a day dedicated to fundamental proficiency with carbine weapon system platform.


  • SERE/Escaping captivity
  • Intro to CQC
  • PTUCS hand to hand system introduction
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Fundamentals of Combat pistol
  • Fundamentals of Combat Carbine

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NOTE: Tactical Solutions Group is a US based corporation founded by prior service Special Programs, combat veterans and tactical law enforcement personnel. This training is intended for lawful defense purposes of its students only. Any anti-American or anti-US Constitutional Government affiliation is strictly prohibited and TSG Corporation reserves the right to restrict and or terminate training to such individuals and groups. TSG strives to provide the absolute best tactical training on the market today. Our goal is to ready students for high threat Executive Protection/Bodyguard and PSD Operations employment and give them the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. It will give active and prospective high threat security operations personnel top tier capabilities to provide protective operations in any environment.1

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