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TSG Unarmed Combatives Certified PTUCS Instructor Course


This course provides the student with additional advanced unarmed combat skills that are applicable in varying environments, and training and instructional techniques which will qualify the student to be a Certified TSG Unarmed Combatives Instructor.  Students will be able to instruct private security personnel, law enforcement, and active military units in the unarmed combat skills needed to survive in high threat environments.  This intense 5 day program fine tunes and shapes Unarmed Combatives Certified students in our proprietary PTUCS to instructor level ability. This high-level course also includes the Unarmed Combatives Certification One Instructor manual and our step by step comprehensive Instructor videos.

PTUCS Attacks from the Front

  • New advanced techniques for attacks from front
  • Developing Instructor level skill on front attacks
  • Dealing with PTUCS being done on you

Attack A Known Threat

  • Disabling force on known threat continues
  • Continued work on balance and power generation
  • Subtlety to minimize drawing attention to protection detail
  • Dealing with known threats from the rear
  • Dealing with known threats from the front
  • Dealing with multiple known threats
  • Comprehensive Instructor development on approaches

Defending Against Edged Weapons

  • Intense instructor development for teaching edged weapon defense.
  • Techniques on dealing with edged weapons on click
  • Dealing with attacker variations in striking
  • Continued work on targeting the threat not the weapon

Advanced Weapon Disarmament

  • Intense instructor development for weapon disarmament
  • Advanced weapon disarmament techniques
  • In kit weapon disarmament training
  • Advanced weapon disarms on weapon malfunction
  • Continued high intensity pistol/carbine to PTUCS integration

Instructor Development on Practical Student Testing


This course includes 5-Days of additional PTUCS lessons and instructor development intensive training.  


NOTE: Tactical Solutions Group is a US based corporation founded by prior service Special Programs, combat veterans and tactical law enforcement personnel. This training is intended for lawful defense purposes of its students only. Any anti-American or anti-US Constitutional Government affiliation is strictly prohibited and TSG Corporation reserves the right to restrict and or terminate training to such individuals and groups. TSG strives to provide the absolute best tactical training on the market today. Our goal is to ready students for high threat Executive Protection/Bodyguard and PSD Operations employment and give them the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. It will give active and prospective high threat security operations personnel top tier capabilities to provide protective operations in any environment.


CAGE CODE: 7S5F7 | DUNS# 057511918

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