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Private Security Specialist 

ATTN: This is a Prerequisite Course that Must Be Completed to Qualify for the Advanced PSD Operator Course

We have developed the most real scenario based tactical training curriculum available. From our combat pistol/carbine to break contact, actions on principal as well as our proprietary unarmed combat and everything in between. Our Private Security Specialist PSS pipeline combines both armed and unarmed security operations together in one comprehensive package. And is a purpose-built system to allow the maximum flexibility for students to get the training they need. TSG teaches our students to train as you fight. A whirlwind 11-Day, 110-hour (minimum) training program designed to ready the students to react and be comfortable in any high threat protection role they find themselves in. Montana’s vastly varying environmental conditions continue to set the stage for this operator level training. This particular pipeline is to give active bodyguards and prospective ones the top tier capabilities to provide protection operations in any environment. Top tier training builds confidence…confidence generates intensity…focused intensity wins gunfights and fist fights. Why doesn’t the industry stop bullshitting itself? Class rooms and PowerPoints are a nice kick off point, but they don’t get the job done when things are getting blown up and bullets are flying passed your head. The curriculum covers the bulk of the critical and problematic skills that the Department of State will be looking for in the Worldwide Protective Service workup. This 11-Day training pipeline prepares PSS personnel in the full spectrum of BG/EP protective roles and the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. TSG and its instructors pride themselves on the fact they have not lost a single student to a hostile environment that has undergone our training.

PSS Module One Armed Bodyguard/Executive Protection Certification 6-Day (60 hours) PSS Module One is the armed side of the weaponization process for high threat security operations. This operator level module will put anyone across the entire tactical spectrum to the test. We absolutely occupy the top floor in our ability as a massive force multiplier in high threat protection roles. There are few places, if any, that can replicate our results, but not in 6-Days and not in the civilian sector. Our training methodology can seem extreme and even brutal in some circles, but the results at the end of the process are undisputed. So, prepare to be taken out of your comfort zone from SERE to top tier weapons and tactics, current BG/EP SOP’s, tactical driving and everything in between. TSG's armed high threat protection training is arguably the best in the game. Our weaponization process does not stop with the best in industry armed security training, but builds the foundation for Advanced PSS Module Two, the realm of providing the same level of protection but unarmed.

PSS Module Two Unarmed Bodyguard/Executive Protection Certification 5-Day (40 hours)
PSS Module Two picks up where Module One leaves off and incorporates our proprietary hand to hand system into high threat protection operations. Students will learn TSG’s proprietary Predator Tactical Unarmed Combat Systems (PTUCS) to deal with grabs, chokes, strikes, attacks from knives, and weapon disarmament. Learn to transition from weapon system to disabling force when confronted with threats at extreme close range. This portion of the pipeline concentrates heavily on going hands-on while maintaining control and protection of the principal across the spectrum of elevated risk thresholds. However, the high OPTEMPO continues to escalate with continued emphasis on situational awareness, site surveys, client movement and TECC drills. The instructors scrutinization increases as they assess the student's ability to function as a team and provide top tier protection capabilities with added unarmed tactics.



Training Topics:

Module One Armed PSS 6-Day


  • Survival mindset
  • Cover story development
  • Working as a team
  • Situational awareness

Escape from Captivity

  • Duct tape
  • Zip ties
  • Ropes
  • Handcuffs
  • Flex cuffs
  • Friction saw
  • Fighting while restrained

Predator Tactical Unarmed Combat Systems (PTUCS)

OODA Loop Explained and Put into Context

Bodyguard Formations and Details

Arrivals and Departures

Route Planning 

  • PTUCS and bodyguard operations
  • Positions in formations
  • Positions in vehicles
  • Client control techniques
  • 5 to 25 yards
  • Transferring from formation to vehicle
  • Vehicle mounts and dismounts
  • PPT and scenario based practical application
  • Safe points on route
  • Primary/secondary/emergency
  • Knowing your routes
  • Routes of predictability
  • Vehicle preservation
  • Vehicle search and set up
  • Surveillance detection techniques


TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)

  • Stop the bleed
  • BAC’s
  • Tourniquet application
  • Practical drills throughout training

Intro to PTUCS PSS

  • Tactical compliant close in weapon and tactics system
  • Shorts and shirt to full tactical loadout
  • Why gross over fine motor skills
  • Learn how to deal with any form of attack effectively and brutally in a few days
  • Developing lowest level of training

Combat Pistol

  • Fundamentals of Combat Pistol
  • Gear setup
  • Inclement conditions training
  • Wardrobe malfunctions
  • Gross motor vs. fine motor and why
  • The A-Z approach

Combat Carbine

  • Fundamentals of Carbine
  • Magazine changes
  • Malfunction drills
  • Bolt override drill
  • 50-meter BZO and why
  • Snap drills
  • Now drills
  • inclement weather training
  • Transitions
  • Sight over bore
  • Multi target engagement transitions techniques

Foreign Weapons

  • AK-47 Familiarization
  • SCAR

Full Auto Familarization

Break Contact

  • Sectors of fire
  • Mag changes on the move
  • Transitions
  • Talking guns
  • Client management

Windshield Ballistics

  • Round placement
  • Deflection
  • Shooting from a vehicle discussion
  • Gear setup in a vehicle

Vehicle Ballistics

  • Bullet Magnets
  • Safer and not safe locations

Advanced Marksmanship and Transitions Drills

Live Fire Formations and Actions on Principal (AOP)

Body Armor and Client Protection

Stress Test

  • Gross over fine motor skills put to the test
  • Simulating real world battlefield stressors

Range Qualification

Tactical Driving

  • Hard surface
  • Extreme Environments
  • Ice, snow, rain, extreme heat
  • Proper vehicle setup and driver position
  • High speed maneuvers
  • Apexing turns
  • J turns
  • Y in and out drills
  • Emergency breaking drills
  • Threshold breaking
  • High stress decision drills
  • Vehicle preservation

Module Two: Unarmed PSS 5-Day

  • History of PTUCS 
  • Ancient warrior technology tactically compliant today
  • Edged weapon defense
  • Targeting the threat, not the weapon
  • Deadly force
  • TSG weapon disarmament
  • From the front
  • From behind
  • On the move
  • Weapon to PTUCS transitions
  • Making your lowest level of training the highest in any room
  • Deadly force, when and why
  • One technique neutralization of any threat
  • Stackability on top of current skill sets
  • ROEs/SOPs
  • OODA Loop
  • Letting your opponent knock himself out
  • Developing power
  • Developing balance
  • Gross motor skills and why
  • Tactical compliance and why
  • PTUCS, martial arts Pandora’s Box
  • PTUCS fluidity within Top Tier weapons tactics
    • Second nature integration into high level pistol carbine tactics
    • A powerful tool for CQB operations
  • Situational awareness
  • Multiple attackers
  • PTUCS One drill
  • Intensive pistol/carbine to PTUCS transition drills
  • Tactical gear and PTUCS
  • Intro to Unarmed Combatives Instructor course
  • Specialized PTUCS for Bodyguard/Executive Protection
  • Intro to PTUCS Special Operator One deadly force
  • Dealing with punches, kicks, grabs, chokes and grappling with immediate disabling force.


NOTE: Tactical Solutions Group is a US based corporation founded by prior service Special Programs, combat veterans and tactical law enforcement personnel. This training is intended for lawful defense purposes of its students only. Any anti-American or anti-US Constitutional Government affiliation is strictly prohibited and TSG Corporation reserves the right to restrict and or terminate training to such individuals and groups. TSG strives to provide the absolute best tactical training on the market today. Our goal is to ready students for high threat Executive Protection/Bodyguard and PSD Operations employment and give them the confidence to get the job done and come home safe to their families. It will give active and prospective high threat security operations personnel top tier capabilities to provide protective operations in any environment.





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