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Tactical Solutions Group | Kalispell MT

HEAT Training

Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) 

Hazardous Enviroment Awareness Training

As the days of these courses evolve, they will become progressively more intense. You will have an opportunity to experience SERE, where you will learn how to escape from captivity, shoot and move like an operator, weapon disarmament and learn to inflict disabling deadly force with your bare hands even while loaded down with assault gear and weapons. These are only a few of the examples of what you will be learning under the watchful eyes of our experienced instructor cadre. This course is designed to take the student from entry level to a very high skill level in a short amount of time. HEAT programs are designed to be at a slower pace and tuned for affordability.


Training Topics:

  • Introduction to PTUCS Level One “Civilian”
  • Intro to (SERE) Survive Evade Resist Escape
  • Situational Awareness
    • Surveillance detection at home or the office
    • Individual risk evaluation
  • OODA Loop Explained and Put into Context
  • Escaping from Captivity
  • PTUCS Edged Weapon Defense
  • PTUCS Weapon Disarmament
  • Combat Pistol
    • Gear setup
    • Wardrobe malfunctions
    • Gross motor vs. fine motor and why
    • Chamber checks
    • 360-degree battlefield
    • Magazine changes
      • Emergency/initiated
    • Weapon to PTUCS transitions
    • Malfunctions
      • Immediate
      • Remedial
    • Ball and dummy drills
    • Rhythm drills
    • (BSA) Balance of speed and accuracy drills
    • Combat accuracy
    • Stress inoculation drills
    • Snap drills
    • Now drills
    • Failure to stop
    • The 1.5 second rule
    • Shooting with movement
  • Combat Carbine
    • Fundamentals
    • Magazine changes
    • Malfunctions
    • Bolt override drill
    • 45-meter BZO and why
    • Snap drills
    • Now drills
    • Facing movements
    • Lateral movement
    • Transitions
  • Shooting from Cover
    • Standoff distance
    • Learning to pie
    • Sight over bore
    • Over penetration
  • Stress Test
  • Tactical Emergency Combat Care (TECC)
  • Urbane Environment Tactics
  • Basic CQB
  • Team Movement Live Fire
    • Black and red drills
    • Talking guns
    • BSA drills
  • Break contact
    • Sectors of fire
    • Mag changes on the move
    • Transitions
    • Sectors of fire
    • Firing lanes
  • Road blocks
    • Discussion on running them
    • Bailout drills
    • Using vehicle for cover
  • Windshield Ballistics
    • Round placement
    • Deflection
    • Shooting from a vehicle discussion
    • Gear setup in a vehicle
    • Discussion on vehicle roll over procedures
  • Vehicle Ballistics
    • Safe not safe locations
    • Bullet magnets
    • Particle fragmentation and acceleration


CAGE CODE: 7S5F7 | DUNS# 057511918

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