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Long Range Marksman

Long Range Marksman LRM 5-Day

Long Range Tacticle Sniper Rifle Training
Long Range Tacticle Sniper Rifle Training

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Tactical Solutions Group. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of arguably the best Long Range Marksman/Tactical Training the market has to offer.

The course is designed to bring students from a basic understanding of long range weapon systems and tactics rapidly to the upper tier of distance marksmanship capabilities. You will be put to the test. Students will learn and demonstrate a basic understanding of required math, applied physics, and US military combat veteran sniper Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). From reading wind and density altitude to learning to watch trace as well as accurately hitting targets from inclines and declines and everything in between. Our training curriculum does not end there. Students will be trained and tested on multi weapon platform engagement as the combat bubble continues to collapse on them. Snipers are not deadly because they carry the biggest guns; they're deadly because they have learned to weaponize math. Contact us today for more information and to register.

Training Topics:

  • Safety
  • Strip, Assemble, and Maintain the Weapon System
  • Weapon set-up
  • LRM Equipment
  • Data Book Use
  • Basic Long Range Marksmanship Techniques
  • Rifle Zero. Grouping Exercise
  • Applying corrections (Elevation and Windage)
  • Position Shooting
  • Basic Ballistics “Internal, External, and Terminal”
  • Wind reading
  • Compensating for Environmental Conditions
  • Gather data to 1,000 yards
  • Scouting, Range Estimation & Field Sketches
  • Extreme Angle Shooting
  • Live-Fire Exercise
  • Known/ Unknown distance engagements
  • Duties of primary shooter and spotter
  • Use of data Programs
  • Cold Bore theory/ Care & cleaning
  • Awareness & Observation
  • Mil radian and MOA math
  • Max Point blank & holds
  • Breaking down the battle field


CAGE CODE: 7S5F7 | DUNS# 057511918

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