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"When we look for guidance in our career and lives, we seek professionals. While it is easy to skim on things like groceries, choosing to go cheaper but still healthy, the same can not be said for Tactical training. Often you see or hear of companies offering “tactical,” “spec ops,” or “operator” tactical training. With so many it is hard to determine the real from the Hollywood. The choice should always come down to professionalism. The argument can be made that training, technique etc. is what is important. You are correct. All of those are what a professional encompasses. This is what you will find at Predator Security and Defense.

Let me clarify. I’m not kissing ass here. We all expect respect and honesty when interacting with fellow veterans. This is my honest opinion of this Company and their personnel

My name is Richard Merfert. I spent 4 years in the Army as a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Battalion. I spent 3 years as an Infantryman in Regiment, deploying to Afghanistan twice. I received an injury to my back and was medically retired. Going from the fast pace of a special operations unit to civilian life was stressful.  It generally Isn’t the case that veterans don’t have skills when they transition. Our skills just don’t translate to the typical civilian world. This realization is what led to look for a stimulating career, physically and intellectually. My research kept landing me on Predator Security. That’s not to say other companies didn’t look viable, but on the first phone call with the company president Dan Anderson, I was ready to give them a try. Getting there was easy. We all know how to travel by now. The lodging was, as promised, impeccable. Beautiful mountain view, spacious rooms and comfortable beds all inside very large cabins.

The training was entirely focused on one objective. Your ability to perform under stress, while making critical decisions. While this may seem unachievable in the short amount of time, you will spend the hours you aren’t sleeping, training. Round after round, target after target. The Instructor to student ratio allows for in depth training that focuses on you as an individual and not the class as a whole. Ranger Regiment “downtime” as an Infantryman is typically hours and hours of shooting, thousands and thousands of rounds. In a week. I fired more rounds at Predator in a day than in Regiment for a week. Here is the kicker. They make every round count.  Every single discharged round is done with a purpose. Whether carbine or pistol, you will not waste a single round without gaining value. We all want to believe we are the best trigger pullers. This course will knock the rust off and get you back to pace in 6 days. Let alone what can be done in two weeks.

While Predator taught me unique shooting techniques, they offered something entirely unique to them as well. Predator teaches a combative system unlike any I had encountered in the military. PTUCs provides and exceptional level of lethality in a limited amount of time. Along with its ability to disarm or disable an aggressor in a non-lethal environment, it offers a level of speed and aggression most other fighting styles do not. Kit, no kit, knife etc. PTUCs covers it. No technique is 100% successful. We live in a world of ridiculous circumstance and chance. I truly believe PTUCs helps to put the odds in your favor.

The cadre are all prior military/Leo with extensive experience. Meet them if you aren’t sure. They do not act arrogant or standoffish. They genuinely care about your success and are honest about your performance.  If you are suffering, they will help until you get it right, no matter how long it might take. The cadre were on time and disciplined in their respective subjects. Experienced experts teaching real-world applicable material. That is what this course offers and having attended the June 2018 course, I can say that that is what I walked away with. This company wants to make men more lethal and more tactically sound. This company is run by and employed with professionals." ~ Richard Merfert, former US Army Ranger and Combat Veteran


"Five years ago, I went through several classes with PSD and can assure you that the training they offer is top tier training. I am an active-duty Navy SEAL and can say that the fundamentals of shooting, tactics, and mind set not only mirrors what NSW has to offer but goes above it. This schoolhouse will give you core skills in a matter of weeks that takes other places months to train the average man. Having known the cadre for years I can say that PTUCS hand to hand is revolutionary and the fundamentals you will learn in matter of a week. I have done PTUCS half my life and can assure you that it is the best. Whether you are just wanting to learn some self-defense to protect your family, trying to find something to get you ready for the military or want to find employment in this kind of work, I can assure you that PSD is the number one place to look. Bottom line, the combatives is the best and is game changing, the tactics and shooting emulates top tier commands, and they train many of these skills in blazing timeframes that are hard to believe." ~ J. A., NSW Special Operator (Active)


"Predator’s training courses are tier 1. Having served in the SOF community I had the opportunity to attend many training schools. Compared to other schools, Predator stands out by having smaller class sizes to have more one-on-one time. Their instructors give full attention and are committed to seeing that every student receives the necessary training for true learning to occur. Even if it is staying a few hours late at the shooting range or driving course. Predator also stands out with their classroom instruction. The main point I took away was how they teach to weaponize oneself regardless of the situation." ~ Chris Graves, Former Air Force SOF 


"There are lots of places to go for good training, and all these places have the potential to teach a student to become more proficient when it comes to handling firearms. If you are looking for a class to teach you to shoot better at the range, the options are endless, and Predator ranks among the best. If you are looking for a course that will develop your mindset from day one to employ the multitude of techniques and skillsets you need to be effective in the real-world application of a weapons system, whether that is a pistol, carbine, or long rifle or close and personal with their brutal hand to hand system, Predator takes it to the next level. Predator is where you want to be. Do not train to pull a trigger and hit paper. Train to weaponize your mind so you can function when it is no longer a training environment." ~ Adam Mack, Remote Access Medical


"My name is Dallas Walden, I am a US Navy veteran, current business owner and work in private security on the side. I had been looking online and in my networks for the right type of high risk threat security training that would fit the jobs I have been asked to do. Most of what I found was the weekend warrior pistol and carbine classes, which are great and necessary but I knew I would need something more and in greater depth of training outside of just how to use my weapons at a range. I would need to be able to react to a large variety of threats and with varying levels of force. I had been looking for several weeks when I finally came to Predator Security Defence with Dan Anderson. As I read what they were about from their webpage and looked at the pictures and videos, I knew this was what I was looking for. Side note; the other thing that I noticed, that drew me to them more than any other program, was that I could find very little about them online outside of their website and YouTube...that made it more desirable to me as I know what it takes to keep a business going and it appears that PSD is all word of mouth. A sign of true quality. 

I will not go into a day by account of the training, as that is for you to find out for yourself. What I will say is; Predator Security Defence does what they advertise and accomplish what they say they will. 

PSD is submersive into the life of a security agent in a HRT environment from the very beginning. The instructors are very good at what they do and are very good teachers to each of the students in the class. This was not a general roll call and we all do the drills and call it a day. You get one on one attention, like it or not, from each of the instructors as if they are there to help only you. I admired that about the instructors. The training was fast paced and you shoot a lot, pistols and carbines, it was the best part. By the end of the week, I felt like shooting was a part of my everyday movement. And it is that type of submersive environment, with quality instructors who care about the overall purpose and nature of their job, and care about each of their students, that makes PSD what it is, and that is the best. 

When I left training, I had more tools at my disposal than I ever thought possible to attain in just 6 days. I was taught and drilled until I was proficient in them and most importantly I left PSD knowing that I am prepared to handle a variety of differing threats with varying levels of force. That confidence going into a situation makes all the difference in the world. Thank you Dan, Rich, and the team at PSD. 

You won't know the full extent of the meaning of this review until you take the course, that's the way it is meant to be. I would and have highly recommended to my friends and family and those I work with to take the PSD PSS course and any others they offer. I'm looking forward to my course...have been since I left last October! 

Follow up; a couple weeks after the PSD course I was called to do a job near the border of Mexico. I put to use much of the training, both prep and planning and weapon knowledge to use. It not only helped me in the job but the clients knew they were in good hands because I was able to help them be prepared as well. That made for a very smooth and successful operation. Thanks again PSD." ~ Dallas Walden, San Francisco, CA 


"I am a Law Enforcement Officer employed by a State Police Department. 

In September 2018 I attended the Predator Security & Defense Bodyguard/Executive Protection course in Kalispell, MT. Before I describe my experience during that week, I’d like to speak generally on law enforcement, and why every Officer needs to train with PSD. 

One of the great paradoxes of law enforcement is that, though as Officers we work in a stressful, dynamic environment where every call is different, we tend to be creatures of habit. We go to briefing. We go to coffee. We write tickets. We handle our calls. We go back to the office. We write reports. We go home. Repeat ad nauseam. You’re probably familiar with the concept of “stress inoculation.” You received it at the Academy, and maybe during your prior Military service. Stress inoculation, like a vaccination, requires booster shots. And if you’re one of the “creature of habit” cops I mentioned above, you’re due for your booster shot. You’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. Most of the people you deal with at work are polite and cooperative. They sign their tickets, and there’s a good chance they even thank you when you tell them they’re free to leave. PSD isn’t preparing you to deal with those people. PSD prepares you to deal with the parolee who will try to kill you before he lets you handcuff him and take him back to jail. Unfortunately for Mr. Parolee, Officer Smith got back from training with PSD two months ago. He fired more rounds in a week than he fired in the prior five years combined. He got stressed out, PT’d until he wanted to puke, and ran wind sprints until he was about to pass out… And that was all before the actual training started.

I’ve always loved guns and marksmanship. I spend quite a bit of my own time shooting, doing dry work, and practicing my draw stroke. But that fact is, even if you’re diligent in maintaining your perishable skills, you, like me, will develop bad habits and training scars, especially if most of your training is done alone. My department has excellent, motivated firearms instructors, but with so many Officers to qualify, and so few rounds available for training, the reality is that we don’t get a lot of one on one instruction. One thing immediately stood out to me during the firearms training with PSD was how astute the instructors are. All of them were able to observe me fire a few rounds and make minute corrections that immediately improved my speed and accuracy. This was also my experience at the two prior two-day PSD handgun courses I attended in 2017 and early 2018. 

PSD certainly has its own doctrine that it teaches. But the instructors were mindful of the fact that different agencies have specific policies and procedures that its Officer are obligated to abide by. The cadre did an awesome job of asking about my agency’s SOP and then using that as a framework for providing additional instruction. One specific example was during a module that dealt with vehicle approaches during a traffic stop. Another example was during a combatives training session, where I was given advice about how to position myself relative to a suspect that would appear non-threatening, but also allow me to utilize several PTUCS techniques, should the need arise. 

You might not realize It at the end of the course because you’ll probably be too exhausted, physically and mentally, to think clearly. But, when you get home, and go back on patrol, you will realize that you are a far better, and safer Officer. At your next range qualification, you will shoot the lights out, and your beat partners on the firing line will be looking at your target, like “What the fuck?” Most importantly, you will be better prepared to win the fight and go home safely. 

Look, you carry a gun for a living. You don’t have the right NOT to maximize your firearms skillset. You owe it to your wife, your kids, your beat partners, and the public we serve. 

Be safe, have fun, and do great things. Train with Predator Security & Defense." ~ N.T. Current Higway Patrolman


"I’d like to start with the truth. I saw this company posted in an advertisement and was initially only interested in the equipment provided through the GI bill. After the first couple hours of attending the course, my mind was far away from thinking about it (you’ll see why) and it stayed like that for the rest of the time. The experience was far greater than I ever imagined.

Words are only capable of going so far. The training at Predator Security and Defense speaks for itself. It is incredible how much training and knowledge can be grown into an individual under a 6 day period. As overwhelming as the content in the warning order seems, it’s very appropriate and is delivered as promised. The instructors are extremely professional, humble, trustful, reputable and down to earth. A lot of respect for them, as well they have towards the students. With appropriate amounts of safety measures and responsibilities, you are treated not only as a grown man, but as a trusted person.

This course also isn’t dedicated to hostile environments, but also is versatile for everyday life. To be prepared for a possible attack, to notice when you’re being surveillance, and overall prevent tragedies and what actions to take for not only yourself, but for your loved ones.

One great thing about the curriculum is the foundation that is set. All information and every fundamental to everything taught is versatile and interchangeable to every aspect. To grasp a perspective, one thing in PTUCs is relatable and easily transitions to gun fighting. Also yes, every thing promised is delivered. ACOG w/ RMR, plate carrier, plates, IFAK, battle belt.

Something I find so special about this course is the amount of detail that is explained. What one would think of about simple body of tactics and strategies is dissected into a plethora of organ systems and specific cells. Not in the context of being over complicated, but to perfect what is mendable. Attention to detail turns the most basic movement or thought into a perfectly orchestrated execution of actions. This is the course that will give you the tools of knowledge to make you better than your adversaries; but it is ultimately up to you to hone the skills provided.

My best advice to future students is to keep your mouth shut, eyes observant and listen very closely and carefully to everything that is presented. It all happens for a reason, trust your instincts if you’re competent; but if you’re not just follow the next professional guy that seems to know what he’s doing. Maybe you’ll pick it up sooner or later."  ~ Hung Nguyen, High Threat Security Operations

"The staff
• Were professional, courteous, encouraging and positive at all times.
• Provided quality instruction that was clear and concise. They never lost their temper when expectations were not being meet but calmly repeated what was expected with additional feedback until it was.
• Were always providing encouraging and supportive feedback with either a neutral or positive tone of voice.
• Provided end of course feedback of my performance that was honest, on point and very helpful.
• I was very impressed with Jayden, for a young man of his age he was well behaved, supportive, helpful, disciplined, and respectful and took discipline with a positive attitude. I never saw him show a bad attitude or talk back.
• Wants you to succeed and will get you through it. Listen for the “Grey Voice” you will know when you hear it.
• Was funny and personable.
• Took time to answer questions, encouraged questions and made themselves available.
• Handled a majority of the paperwork and provided information on a need to know bases.

The instruction and training
• Was what was expected and more.
• As advertised on the website and relevant.
• Theory was delivered via Microsoft Power Point and was covered in one day (thank goodness).
• Practical application daily, all day and followed the theory.
• Delivered in such a way that it has sunk in, even this hard head.
• No shortcuts or exceptions were taken or given.
• We did not progress till everyone meet the standard
• The staff had many different ways to explain the same thing.
• Was challenging and demanding but not impossible.
• I plan on returning to continue the training.
• Pay close attention as there are always little tips, tricks and tidbits of information. This is where a lot of the valuable information is.

The Gear
• The gear provided for training functioned as expected and without issue.
• Was clean when I received it and when turned in.
• I had everything I needed to confidently complete the course.
• The gear promised for the GI Bill participants was received as promised.
• The packing list was complete and had everything needed.

The accommodations and food
• Were excellent and clean.
• Bunkhouse style with several rooms, bathrooms, laundry and full kitchen.
• Lunch was provided as advertised. If you have a specific diet I encourage you to purchase food of your own.

Graduation and course completion
• Was a big deal.
• The staff took great pride and care in this.
• Was very personal and a great time.
• Reni the wife of the President baked a cake that was just fucking great.
• Was a lot more than expected and meant something.

The team (Class 013 the fastest gelling team) I served with
• Were encouraging, supportive and helpful.
• We gelled quickly.
• Were positive and kind. Really a great group of men.

On a personal note
This was a life changing course for me and touched me deeply. Since the death of my parents I had been slowly dying myself and came into this course carrying some personal baggage. I had stopped challenging myself and was just living a meager existence. I had forgotten what I am truly capable of and how strong I really am. I really needed this and have been reinvigorated. I am very excited about life and my future. I made new friends and experienced the commodore and teamwork I had been missing from the military. Montana is very beautiful state. I encourage you to take some additional time after the training to visit Glacier National Park and spend a few days hiking, reflecting and spending time with your higher power. Not just anyone can take this course so if you have been selected consider yourself blessed and take full advantage of it. Thank you Dan, Brandon, Glen and Jaydan it was a real pleasure." 
~ Ben King

"Working for a major firearms manufacturer I get the opportunity to attend or be involved with all kinds of different shooting events and training. Being prior service has allowed insight into what is real world training and what isn’t. I can tell you that the 5 training cycles I have done with PSD have been the best training that I have ever done. The quality of training you receive with PSD has to be experienced to be believed. If you are serious about improving your skill set, are humble enough to accept the fact you aren’t “knocking the rust off” and if you really want to win the fight look no further than Predator Security and Defense. Dan, Glen and Brandon are absolute professionals. PSD has more game than Milton Bradley and they ain’t no Kitchen Staff, Hoss! The only thing you will regret after taking a class from PSD is why you waited so long. Don’t delay, weaponize today."  ~ Cameron Wride, Kimber America and former US Marine

"This training is phenomenal. I always shot expert in the military and have always been a top qualifier in law enforcement yet this course taught me several things that improved my shooting. The PTUC's training is a simple but effective self defense system that I am teaching to my kids This course is intense and keeps you moving. There is never a wasted minute. The instructors are top of the line and give you skills that are practical for any situation you might find yourself in. I would highly recommend this training to anyone - military, law enforcement or civilian."  ~ Ralph Borgeling

"After taking the 6 day bodyguard and executive protection course. I cannot believe how much information was taught and in a way that made it all retainable. Then was never a lull in the training, it was always engaging. The instructors were top notch and proved detailed knowledge and experience in the field. This has become the best course i have ever been a part of and look forward to comming back to take another with them. You want a challenge? Predator offers just that, you leave knowing you accomplished somthing and confident in the skills you learned while there."  ~ Jesse Mckay, former US Marine

"Hats off to these guys! I have taken a few classes with Predator Security and Defense over the past couple years and by far the absolute best training I have ever received. I took GI Bill certified courses thru PSD and it was awesome! Everything was covered! Rental cars, Lodging, supplies, food during training day, everything! The lodging was absolutely amazing! PSD put us up in a really nice house for the duration of our training. A ton of gear was also included with the course! Really cool! I have taken other GI Bill certified courses from other school, and nobody else has the accommodations these guys do, or the top tier level training that they give you. These guys have a plethora of knowledge, and do an excellent job breaking it down so you can understand and retain what is being taught. I give PSD 5 stars and highly recommend there training! I will definitely go back and get training from them again. Until next time...."  ~ Shane Day

"I attended several of PSD's courses in January and February ranging from the PTUCS course to the 6 day Bodyguard course. I can't begin to explain how pleased I am with the experience. The team at PSD is made up of individuals with unparalleled expertise and professionalism. From career law enforcement to special operations, the knowledge brought to the table is unbeatable. Going through as much training as I did all I can say is be ready to learn, and be ready to be humbled."  ~ Kenneth Mason

"Hands down the best training I have ever received. The six day bodyguard/executive protection course and its instructors exceeded my expectations and kept going. I would highly recommend any course taught by Predator Security and Defense. I would especially recommend the six day bodyguard. That course touches on everything and gives you the mindset and the skills to accomplish any threat headed your way.~ David West

"Honored to serve alongside 7 other Operators from all kinds of backgrounds!!! (from all over the US)

Course started out with a very intense S.E.R.E training, continued with fast pace life saving knowledge the entire week! If you want top tier training to deploy/operate in high threat environment, this course is for you!

Class 013 DILLY DILLY!!!"  ~ Justin Trader

"Words can’t express the amount of knowledge and experience that was instilled in me this week at predator. best group of guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of training with absolutely 100% recommend these guys even if you just want some badass training!!!!!"  ~ Jay Meyers, Combat US Marine Veteran

Fundamentals of Combat Handgun Course - “Do not pass up an opportunity to take a course with this company! I got in on one of their Fundamentals of Combat Handgun classes and walked away at the end of the day with improved (also corrected) and new skills and the knowledge of why and how those would be used in defensive/combat situations. The training is serious and demanding, but the instructors teaching style and humor make it a very enjoyable class. One course down and I’m planning to take more.  A big thank you to Dan, Jeff, Glen and Tim. You guys are frickin’ awesome!”

Practical Self Defense One Course – "My 2nd course with this company!  My take…a fundamentally uncomplicated personal defense system that does not require knowledge or practice of ridiculously difficult martial arts moves or super human strength. That being said, this is not a course to take lightly or a course you should come into thinking you will only be “going through the motions.” There are no “comfort zones” here. Being attacked is not comfortable. Defending yourself is not comfortable. Pain is not comfortable. You learn it and also learn to use the attacker’s comfort zone to your advantage.

The instructors teach techniques to fend off attacks that you know are coming (the guy jumping around in a boxing stance), the attacks you didn’t see coming (practice being more aware next time so you don’t find yourself in a choke hold), and attacks with weapons (crapping your pants may or may not help). If you’re lucky and PSD is offering the class with the SERE introduction (I was lucky), you might be kidnapped, interrogated, kicked around, given insight to perpetrator thoughts and behaviors, and taught how to escape commonly used restraints.

Dan and Glen instructed the class I participated in and I cannot thank them (and all of the PSD guys) enough for devising and teaching this system. Those two are both insanely intimidating when they are in teaching mode and are able to really level up the intensity of the threatening situation they are presenting. The class is formatted and taught in progression form, so you are not left scratching your head wondering why you’re doing something. Step by step learning to NOT have your arse handed to you. AND HAVING A BLAST DOING IT…well, I had a blast…that’s not weird, right? Muh hahahahaha! I Highly recommending this class. Your life may depend on it someday."  ~ Ricki Miller, Kalispell MT

"What a kick ass experience this last week was up in Montana with Predator Defense and Security. Bar none, the absolutely best top tier training there is out there. It was a pleasure to train and operate with all of these guys up in some of the most extreme conditions. They all bring a plethora of experience, background, skill levels and personality to the table which I was lucky to be part of. The knowledge base was enormous but even more impressive the teaching methods which were clear and concise which made for the best and to the point training out there!"  ~ Terrill Newell, Combat US Marine Veteran

"This was the very best Tier 1 training I’ve ever had. The instructors knowledge and professionalism seemed unlimited. There was never a dull moment. I was constantly challenged and put outside of my comfort zone, which is exactly what you should expect from any kind of intense training. It was refreshing and an honor to train with other veterans like me. I would recommend this training for someone who plans to use a firearms to defend themselves although this training is not for everyone. It will test your medal. You have to be hardcore and maybe even a little crazy to see this course through."  ~ Zack Hallas, US Army Combat Veteran

"My husband took the intense 6 day bodyguard course and even though it was a very long week for both of us, not once did he ever have anything negative to say about it. The PSD instructors brought out a new man I hadn’t seen in my husband before. He had a new fire in his eyes.

He was empowered by the other veterans and found a new inner strength and confidence.
A huge Thank you to Dan and Glen for giving him this opportunity." 
~ Airiell Hallas

“Talking with a buddy of mine about the pistol and carbine course he took with Vickers, the training is the same. However, ours had all the tactical movement and his did not. The course you and the other guys put me through was next level and allowed me to get right on with the county SWAT team as a tactical medic and a functional operator. I am the only tactical medic in the area that is armed and on the stack and this is due to the training you guys provided me. As an army infantry veteran I would recommend these top tier instructors!"  ~ Brent Kallam, SWAT Medic

“You haven’t seen this system before, I can almost guarantee. It uses movements that will make you rethink previously learned combat techniques. I can attest to the effectiveness of the Predator methods because I have used them in defensive situations in the months after I had the privilege of training with this team. The mindset taught is just as important and unique as the tactics, and the professional ethic they promote is impossible to miss.

Not just another tool in your bag, this is a whole new arsenal of lethal ideas which can be applied against threats in these increasingly dangerous times. I can be honest here and say I was far less certain about my abilities in unarmed scenarios before the training. Recently I had to put someone down who was pursuing me in a public place with intent to harm. The untrained companions I was with were surprised and grateful that I could strike so effectively, and with more power than I appear to possess.

We all continue to improve as warriors and in many other roles. Check out the Predator team for a great end result. If they accept you as a student you will become a better person, a better fighter, and in the process you will gain incredible friends that really understand the ethos.”  ~ Cort McCallister, High Threat Environment Operator

"If you are looking at Predator Security and Defense it is because you are looking at schools to familiarize yourself with the PSD or Contracting world. You would be hard pressed to find a better one. I have had many instructors over the years in the Army, LEO, and WWPS schools but none that matched up to Predator's in ability and knowledge. If you are a veteran and thinking about entering this career path you would be a fool not to attend at least one course from Predator. They are VA approved and will also set you up with equipment. Even if you are not considering PSD as a career or you are already in the PSD world the Instructors at Predator will hone your skills and teach you something new."  ~ Matt Malloy

"Predator has created an awesome course that will test you, show you where you need to improve, and then show you how to. I haven't had this level of training since retiring from the Army. The fact that they take the GI Bill is great too. It's hard to really put into words how great this training really is. You have to go through the training to really know. I suggest everyone enroll in their courses! My buddies and me, ya know who you are, will be going to them for future training! THANKS TO PREDATOR FOR OFFERING THIS TRAINING!!!!"  ~ Robert Raya

"Cannot say enough positive things about Predator. They will take whatever skill and confidence level you are at and with world class instructors and curriculum expose you to multiple tier 1 principles leaving you a much better warrior than before. Will absolutely find time on deployment rotations to return and keep pushing the limits within myself."  ~ Will Ellison

"I've worked with these instructors before at CRI when they instructed me through the Bodyguard Course in Vegas. It was a pleasure and an honor to see old friends again, learn and immerse myself in the Art of PTUCS and earning the right to be an instructor. Looking forward to learning more from these hardened warriors, and to pass on knowledge to future students."  ~ Marcus C. Stark

“I had the privilege of training with Dan, Jeff, Tim, and Dave, just a few months ago. What continues to stand out to me is the genuine humility of these elite, tier one operators.Even for a novice shooter, like myself, they made all of the instruction imminently understand able and relevant to my civilian life. Moreover, they were genuinely nice human beings – friendly, respectful, attentive, and funny as hell! These men brought decades of battle-tested experience to the training, but didn’t leave me feeling like an outsider. Instead, I felt like I had made some new friends. Perhaps most importantly, I left charged up and ready to take my new skills home and practice. I WILL be back to continue my training with these men. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned warrior, these men are the real deal, and can help you take your training to the next level!”  ~ Kevin Schere

"Absolutely they finest training available. The instructors arer top notch and the program is beyond solid. Five stars all the way."  ~ Heath Robinette

"Great high OPTEMPO training with EXTREMELY knowledgable instructors. This is the perfect company to get training through if EP or PSD if the route you want to go with your career."  ~ Nick Andrews

“This company is hard to beat. Get all the training you can from them, while you can. Elite instructors who take their job very serious and can raise any skill levels. Also a very valuable asset for any consultation work.”  ~ Johnny Johnson, High Threat Environment Operator

"This was the best training that I have ever done. Not only were the instructors amazing but they were also very hands and really took the time to make sure you not only understand the instructions but they also take their time to make sure you understand it and can apply it. I hope to do more training with PSD soon!"  ~ Jarred Hickethier

"I had the pleasure of taking the six day course last week and I am still trying to process everything I learned. from the moment you land in Kalispell the instructors treat you like family and are very professional. They will push you out of your normal limits and show you that you can do so much more. without giving to much away I highly recommend these guys."  ~ Cody Rambo

"Took the 6 day course, I got more training in those 6 days than I did at military courses that were 3 times as long. The couse is a quality over quantity when it comes to training."  ~ John Hayfield

"Do you seek more excellent practical combat knowledge and Tier 1 training from some of the best? Got what it takes to do what it takes!? This is where you want to get it fellas. Professional, trustworthy, dependable and respected.

Continue the good fight!

You are the modern war fighter... become a Predator!"  ~ Antonio Mendoza

“I have never experienced a level of professionalism and ability more so than that of these guys right here. I’m speechless actually with the amount of information that is able to be consumed. I hope this comment portrays a broad enough picture for you readers. By far the best training I have ever and will ever receive in my life.”  ~ Gerald Bronson, CRI Instructor

“Very high speed training. Instructors are tier 1 and are all extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They articulate and explain every aspect of the techniques taught and why it works in real time. This course literally takes train as you fight to a whole new level.”  ~ Tyler Best, Executive Protection Specialist

“I just had an opportunity to train with Predator Security and Defense, and I cannot recommend them highly enough! Their instructors are the real deal; guys who have stood in the Crucible and prevailed, and their ability to connect with the student and help them grasp the concepts of what close-quarters personal defense is all about is as good as it gets! I've trained with some pretty well known instructors, including John Farnam and Gabe Suarez, and Dan Anderson of PSD is as good as they come! Not only knowledgeable but skilled at communicating that knowledge. Highly recommended!"  ~ Jay Winton, Kimber Manufacturing

“I have trained with these guys in Las Vegas and in Kalispell. I had a great time, learned a lot of them. You will get a lot of knowledge and real experience with these guys. I can recommend PTUCS to everyone. I can’t wait til the next course!!"  ~ Dave Koopman, DK Security Netherlands

"Top notch training with the most knowledgeable instructors you'll find. I'll be back for sure!"  ~ Jason Updegraff

"Most sporting shooters like to think that we all posses average to good skills in a CCW or defense position. I've been shooting pistol for 25+ years, 19+ in relative active as a recreational shooter and sportsman. After taking PSD Pistol 1 class I totally revised my own expertise level to novice, Dan and the guys at PSD are truly world class level in teaching and instructing defensive and combat pistol routines. You can take all these routines home and retake and retake to hone what you were taught in class. Look no further than to PSD here in NW Montana for teachers with extremely high level of knowledge and professional teaching. I'm continuing to take level 2+ and Carbine classes with them as time permits."  ~ Ronny Senjaveringen

“I’m going to have to say, great instructors. I love these guys and actually this past New Years I was confronted by two individuals with less than good intent. I can happily say with the training received within the PTUCS system, I’m doing just fine and walked away with no more booboos than I already had. Thank you again guys!”  ~ James Roy, High Threat Environment Student

Practical Self Defense One Course - "Small class, intense 2-day course. Not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to become prepared - to fight, to defend yourself, to get a little bruised (ego and body) and to come out with a stronger sense of self. A sense of what you're capable of should the situation require. Glen and Dan will not go easy on you, but that's not what this class is about. There are no participation trophies. This class gave me skills and a physical confidence in my own abilities I did not possess before - and I'm no weenie. I highly recommend taking this course IF you are ready for a little pain and a lot of challenge. You won't regret it. Thanks guys."  ~ Jenn Mayrand, Badass Babes, Kalispell MT

“The combat handgun course was excellent. It was entirely different from anything I had done before, and the course instructors did a great job of not only pushing me to improve, but on providing the instruction to make improvement possible. I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in really learning to use their handgun as a defensive tool. The methods taught, teaching style, drills, and instructors are all top notch.”  ~ Nathan Oursland, Kimber Manufacturing

“I’ve taken several firearms classes from top instructors and the program put on by Predator Security and Defense is at the top of my list. They provide extremely personalized input to their students, as well as a level of training that most civilians never get a chance to reach.

I’m really looking forward to taking the next level of instruction. Thank you so much, Predator Security and Defense for the amazing skills and drills you’ve shown me.”  ~ Jodie Coston, Kimber Manufacturing

“These guys are top notch! They know what they are talking about and they do an excellent job of teaching. Shooting, driving, sell defense-it’s all very good instruction!”  ~ Brad Van Pelt

“Just when you think you know how to shoot a gun….along comes Dan to teach you more. Great class I highly recommend them!”  ~ Jay Marsh

“Amazing training with excellent instructors. Great course!!!”  ~ Greg Logan, High Threat Environment Student


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